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Controlled environment rooms


Controlled environment rooms

The complete controlled environment room company, ALS (UK) LLP

ALS(UK) LLP design, manufacture and install a wide range of controlled environment rooms to meet clients specific requirements with regards to temperature control, humidity control and lighting control etc. Typical applications include plant growth rooms, electronic equipment testing rooms, cell tissue growth rooms. In fact any application that requires the temperature, humidity and light levels to be maintained within specific limits. The use of PID controllers and modern electronic systems allow control tolerances of better than +/- 0.2º C with a temperature uniformity of +/- 0.3º C and humidity control of +/- 3%. Rooms can be supplied to either operate at fixed temperatures and humidity levels or can be variable parameter rooms which allow the user to adjust humidity and temperature values within a set range.

Room Construction:

Typically the controlled environment rooms are constructed from modular insulated panels, that connect together by means of “foamed in” cam locking devices. This method of modular construction is very flexible and allows for the rooms to be dismantled and reassembled elsewhere if required. The panels for the walls and ceilings can be manufactured from either food grade coated steel sheets or stainless steel and include 80mm thick injected polyurethane insulation to minimise heat loss and increase efficiency. Floor panels are constructed in the same manner as the walls but using a 1mm thick Alu-Zinc steel sheet skin which can be covered with a floor covering to suit individual requirements.

Control Panel:

The control panel typically incorporates digital displays providing the operator with a real time calibrated temperature and humidity reading for the room. As well as the option to have chart recorders or digital logging to provide 24 hr recording of all the room parameters for validation purposes. As standard preset alarm limits are incorporated to prevent excessive temperatures occurring in the event of a malfunction, the control panel can provide local or remote visual and audio alarms should the room parameters go outside the set limits. In addition to these standard alarms, the rooms can also be designed to include other sensors, such as low oxygen level alarms to protect personnel working within the rooms.

If you require any further information or would like to discuss your project or requirement in any further detail we will be happy to hear from you. Call us today on 01376 322938

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    ALS (UK) LLP can design, manufacture and install your complete new controlled environment room. Phone us on 01376 322938 today